The Body Of Your Dreams

The Body Of Your Dreams

Micky Bells talked about what we call her "boob beginnings." She has a gentle, soft-spoken, almost shy way about her.

"I started off with no boobs. I looked like a little boy! I think you call that flat? I was about 14 or 15 when they started growing and getting very big. That is when they grew a lot. It happened very one year, I was an E-cup. So, in ninth grade, I was already busty. It was a very fast change. It was very hard to get used to having big boobs all of a sudden and being so young. It was hard because at that time, boys that were my age were very childish. They would tease me about having such big boobs. At that age, kids can be very cruel. It made me very self-conscious about them."

How did Micky dress back then since she was so self-conscious?

"I would wear a white, collared shirt that was buttoned all the way up to my neck and jeans. Or I wore very big sweaters. I would try and wear tight bras that pushed my breasts down so they wouldn't look…
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: April 19th, 2023
Photos: 44

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