Micky's Latex Dress

Micky's Latex Dress

The sight of Micky Bells poured into a tight latex dress can trigger volcanic eruptions around the globe. So we ask everyone to keep this set of pictures a top secret to avert a universal disaster. Thank you for your attention.

Latex outfits are usually a mainstay of the fetish world but this number sure looks dynamite on this girl's incredible bod. And Micky's so wholesome, happy and sunny-looking that, even in Latex, she still looks delightfully adorable.

"I do not like guys to handle my boobs roughly. Sometimes men get too excited and they grab them hard or pinch my nipples very roughly. But, I prefer to be touched gently and softly. I like for my breasts to be caressed and my nipples to be suckled gently. I prefer for men to be sensual. That turns me on and then I am more willing to do what they want."

Yes, Micky's a softie at heart and that's the kind of girl you love the most.
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: April 26th, 2023
Photos: 78

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