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The New Look

Your eyes are not tricking you. Micky Bells (On Location Puerto Vallarta) has the slim and stacked body of a SCORE Girl! How did she accomplish this feat without losing her big boobs? Micky says it was a slow transformation, a combination of diet and, later on, exercise, that led to this remarkable change from an XL Girl body last year to the figure of a SCORE model. Needless to say, Micky needed to buy new clothes.

It was a mind-boggling change that Micky said took seven months to achieve. How did Micky's fans react? She might lose some XL Girls and V-mag fans but she could gain fans from the slim and stacked crowd so things eventually balance out. The important thing is that Micky was pleased and happy at the time. Micky's first pictorial with her new look appeared in September '14 SCORE magazine.
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