coming soon: "You Can Ring My Bells"

"You Can Ring My Bells"

"With this new look, Micky Bells could easily be one top supermodel like Cindy Crawford! Micky is so beautiful!" writes Roberto.

"Micky, you just keep getting better and better. I swear you are more beautiful every time I see you!! Please keep coming back," writes Rhah1.

Micky was revealing about how she lost so much weight (approximately 24 pounds) while retaining her tone yet she was not detailed about her actual step-by-step regimen or her work-out techniques. She says avoiding junk food, sticking to wholesome, natural foods and getting more sleep was very important.

While many missed her previous look, seen in On Location Puerto Vallarta and Montego Babes and in many TSG photo sets and videos, Micky was happy about her transformation and a happy model is a sexier model.
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