Hot Tub Bust Out

Hot Tub Bust Out

"A lot of girls can look somewhat 'deflated' after losing weight, but not Micky," writes Soulstroker. "She looks just like she did back when I first saw her. The only difference I can see is that her boobs, which were already huge back then, are even bigger now. Looks like she kept her XL weight in one very important and beneficial place. Yum!"

Breast size, weight and shape can fluctuate depending on weight gain or weight loss and other body changes. Micky's body managed to retain a large percentage of her boob mass even after her radical slim-down. Her body looked tight and toned with none of the issues women have after dramatic weight loss. She was the covergirl of September '14 SCORE magazine, the annual naturals-only edition.

Micky said she got even more attention than ever. "I was bigger all over and now my breasts are more noticeable because my body is smaller. Everywhere I go, people notice me more."

Micky giggles whenever sex is brought up in a conversation. Even…
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: January 4th, 2023
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