Seeing Is Believing!

Seeing Is Believing!

We are not keen on the use of web expressions such as OMG but after seeing the new look of Micky Bells, "Holy Boob Spurt!" would not be an inappropriate expression of wide-eyed excitement.

Micky, who's been a familiar face at SCORELAND and XL Girls since 2011, is six months pregnant in this photo set and her breasts are bigger than ever. Micky wore 36K bras the last time we saw her. Now she looks like an L or even an M-cup in US sizes. Strap yourself in and behold the photos and the video.

IN 2014, she slimmed down yet retained most of her boob size, so much so that she became a SCORE magazine covergirl. This new transformation in the reverse direction is a huge deal for the pure breast-man and Micky fan.
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: January 11th, 2023
Photos: 62

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