Micky & The Big Bouncy Ball

Micky & The Big Bouncy Ball

Micky Bells is back at the gym, and for this fitness session, Micky bounces on a workout ball, and her great big boobs are along for the ride. Micky makes sure her majestic mounds get a complete bounce cycle before she works on other areas of her statuesque body.

Micky likes to go bowling with friends when she can but she works out regularly. As a new mom, it's not easy for Micky to get out to the gym that much so she works out at home. When she does have a chance to go, she gets lots of looks. She hasn't mentioned if anyone recognizes her since she is not your average model.

"Sometimes women might get mad that the men they are with look at me, Micky said. "That is rare because I do not flaunt myself in public. In general, people make comments that they enjoy seeing my boobs. It is mostly good comments."
Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: February 23rd, 2022
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